Vimeo Link An installation  with moving image and sound  in a darkened space into which  one is  immersed. A double projection video  work screened between a series of transparent  tulle veils directly on the wall, 3000mm height  from floor. On the wall behind are 2 convex mirrors also veiled in black tulle. The mirrors reflect […]

title_ Edge of the Trees date_ 1995 materials_ sandstone, wood, steel, oxides, shells, honey, bones, zinc, glass, sound, 29 pillars location_ Museum of Sydney on the site of first Government House, Sydney Australia collaboration_ Fiona Foley text_ A sculptural Installation curated by Peter Emmett Both an exhibit of the museum and a public sculpture, on […]

title_ Veiling Space: Incarnations date_ 2001 materials_ hanging voile, glass, sulphur, laboratory glass location_ Uniting Church, Paddington, Sydney, Australia curated_ by Rod Pattenden photos_ Peter Solness text_ Ah, not to be cut off not through the slightest partition shut out from the law of the stars The inner – what is it? if not intensified […]

title_ In Stance Of Memory (Garden of the Jewish Museum, Berlin) date_ 2005 materials_ Duraclear on shinkolite, oxides and ash in oil rusted steel exhibited_ Art Gallery of New South Wales photos_ Diana Panuccio text_ The Garden is already a layered space – its aesthetic and natural qualities often veil its symbolic meanings or reveal […]

title_ Forensic date_ 1991 materials_ lead, ash, wood, photograph, straw, laboratory glass, Perspex, fluorescent lights and X-rays size_ 600 x 700 cm exhibited_ Wharf 2, Sydney, 1991 collection_ Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

title_ Water Veil date_ 2006 location_ Council House 2 (CH2)Building, Melbourne, Australia client_ Melbourne City Council text_ A diaphanous, experiential and reflective glass veil that transforms the window between the foyer and the public space of the street into a membranous fluid space, a space of seemingly non-fixity within the urban context. The work expresses […]

title_ Second Exposure (from the Periodic Table series) date_ 1992-93 materials_ lead, glass, salt, sulphur, mercury, X-ray, various substances, lily, fluorescent lights, room size 5 x 5 m room size_ 5 x 5 m exhibited_ “The Boundary Rider: 9th Biennale of Sydney”, Bond Stores, Sydney Australia photos_ Tim Marshall

title_ Measure of Light (from the Periodic Table series) date_ 1993 materials_ salt, fluorescent light, stainless steel, lead, aluminium, laboratory glass, wax, various minerals and X-rays size_ room size 14 x 14 m exhibited_ Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane photos_ Richard Stringer

title_ In The Shadow date_ 2000 materials_ fog, casuarina forest, bulrushes, resin, wands with stainless steel bases (height 2–9 m), text (numbers indicate water chemistry monitoring) exhibited_ installed along a creek crossed by three bridges, Olympic Park, Homebush Bay, Sydney Australia text_ In the shadow is an environmental art work which creates an atmospheric zone […]

title_ Elixir date_ 2005 materials_ wooden traditional house, glass panel screenprinted with poured paint and plant and fluids, blown-glass vials, plant extracts steeped in shochu, laboratory glass exhibited_ permanent installation for Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial, Japan photos_ Shigeo Anzai and Janet Laurence sponsor_ Asahi Glass Corporation and Asahi Beer Co text_ A botanical, glassy environment within […]

title_ Heartshock date_ 2008 materials_ silican tubing, glass vials, pigmented fluids, tree branch size_ 7m x 4m x 5m exhibited_ Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art: Handle with Care, Art Gallery of South Australia text_ Curator’s Statement_ Janet Laurence has had a long and profound engagement with the ‘life-world’. Spanning a period of over twenty-five years, […]

title_ Veil of Trees date_ 1999 materials_ 100 red forest gums (Eucalyptus terreticornis), 21 glass panels – laminated and enclosing seeds and ash with Australian poetry, Corten-steel panels containing LED lighting location_ Sydney Sculpture Walk, Art Gallery Road, The Domain, Sydney, Australia collaboration_ Jisuk Han text_ Veil of Trees In this installation of 1999 (with […]

title_ Ghost glasshouse date_ 2003 materials_ seraphic-fired screenprinted glass, stainless steel, texts of extinct botanical species, 5 x 1.5 x 2 m artist’s statement_ A GHOST GLASS HOUSE FOR LOST BOTANICAL SPECIES A glass structure – between a maze and a conservatory. A reflective, contemplative space of memory. A structure that captures ephemerality. A space […]

title_ Stilled Lives date_ 2000 materials_ Glass showcases displaying selected specimens and objects from the collections of Museum Victoria. exhibited_ Melbourne Museum, Australia photos_ John Gollings artist’s statement_ “Stilled Lives” Showcases for Melbourne Museum The collection of the Museum of Victoria is an overwhelming vast horizontal and vertical world of objects. Collected, classified, archived, arranged, […]

title_ Birdsong date_ 2006 materials_ Assembly of taxidermised bird specimens from the Australian Museum, suspended acrylic ring, sounds of birdcalls and wing flutters. exhibited_ Object Gallery, Sydney, Australia exhibition audio_ Ross Gibson in collaboration with Jane and Philip Ulman photos_ Keith Saunders text_ Thinking about titles to conjure sleep, dream, birdsong, waking… To create an […]