title_ Wingbeats (from the Verdant series) year_ 2003 architecture_ Kröller Müller Museum, Hoge Veluwe National Park, Netherlands exhibition_ Sherman Galleries, Sydney, NSW, Australia medium_ Duraclear, acrylic, aluminium, oil, pigments size_ 120 x 156 x 7.5cm

title_ Deep Breathing Resuscitation for the Reef (Australian Museum) date_ 2016 medium_ Various wet specimens, corals, pigment, acrylic boxes, laboratory glass exhibition_ Australian Museum, Sydney NSW, Australia description_ Deep Breathing Resuscitation for the Reef is an installation that explores the effects of climate change affecting the Great Barrier Reef. The work was first exhibited in […]

title_ H2O: Water Bar date_ 2016 medium_ Various rain and spring waters, scientific glass vessels, acrylic mirror, printed panel exhibition_ Paddington Reservoir Gardens, Sydney NSW, Australia description_ H2O: Water Bar is a reflective, glassy glistening installation by Janet Laurence that allows you to sample a variety of water sourced from diverse regions of Australia. Outfitted […]

title_ Naturestruck year_ 2016 medium_ Mixed media installation: duraclear, oil glaze, acrylic, dye sublimation prints, polished stainless steel mirror exhibition_ Dominik Mersch Gallery, Sydney, NSW, Australia description_ ‘Naturestruck’ simultaneously explores environmental fragilities through a gathering of works from Laurence’s studio. These works explore the creation of botanical environments, both medicinal and historical.