title_ Tarkine (For a World in Need of Wilderness)

date_ 2011

materials_ Duraclear, acrylic, mirror, stainless steel wire

location_ Macquarie Bank Foyer, London.

description_ In the central area of the new large foyer of Macquarie Bank is a floating  verdant  wilderness, this new artwork is in stark contrast to the built up urban context of the city of London. Made up from a series of images drawn from the precious and threatened wilderness of the Tarkine region  in Tasmania, Australia. Transparent and layered images hang from the ceiling with mirror panels creating a semi spiral sculptural formation. It is an experiential piece that transforms in changing light as one moves along and around it (there being no fixed viewing point). The work expresses the beauty and wonder of nature, amplified through reflection and transparency. Visible from both inside and outside through windows along Ropemaker street the work is able to have a public presence and illuminated at night the work forms a vast lantern experience. The images shift between fluid abstracted painterliness and amplified botanical details and passages of the verdant landscape. The work conforms to the Macquarie Banks collection expressing the Spirit of Australian Landscape.

The artwork makes visible an almost secret place. The Tarkine is an Antipodean Eden at the other end of the world from London, however their histories are so totally entwined. Identified by WWF as one of the most threatened natural environments, still ecologically in tact, it is the second most important temperate rainforest in the world under threat from mining and forestry interests. It is imperative that such  a rare and special place is protected and preserved for our world in need of wilderness.