title_ Nach der Natur year_ 2019 exhibition_ Nach der Natur location_Museum Koenig materials_natural history specimens, laboratory glass, museum collection description_The fragility of life, becoming and vanishing constitute the issues that unite the Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig, the Germans Reference Centre for Ethics in the Life Sciences and Janet Laurence. This exhibition makes room for an encounter between life […]

title_ Entangled Garden for Plant Memory year_ 2020 exhibition_ Entangled Garden for Plant Memory location_Yu-Hsiu Museum of Art in Taiwan materials_natural history specimens (including trees, birds, minerals, seeds and both living and dried plants), hanging duraclear, mirror, acrylic vitrine, video description_Janet Laurence and the Yu-Hsiu Museum have collaborated with the National Taiwan University’s museums of zoology, geo-specimens & […]

title_ After Nature year_ 2018-19 exhibition_ After Nature, 1 March – 10 June location_Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney description_A selection of early and updated works: Heartshock, Solids by Weight Liquids, Cellular Gardens, , Deep Breathing – Resuscitation for the Reef, Birdsong, Vanishing, Botanical Residues images_Photography by Jacquie Manning and Zan Wimberley

title_ Theatre of Trees year_ 2018-19 exhibition_ After Nature, 1 March – 10 June, Level 1 Galleries location_Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney materials_dye sublimation print on voile, aluminium extrusion, mesh, tulle, painted leaves, archival scientific images description_Forest (Theatre of Trees) is a large circular structure composed of three concentric rings, like those of a tree, that viewers […]

title_ Matter of the Masters year_ 2017 exhibited_ Art Gallery of New South Wales Janet Laurence’s The matter of the masters is inspired by conservation research and analysis undertaken on Dutch old master paintings in the Rijksmuseum in the Netherlands, especially works by Rembrandt. The field of paintings conservation, particularly the study of artist’s materials and […]

title_ Moving Plants date_ 2017 medium_ acrylic, scientific glass, plastic tubes, 3d prints, duraclear, dried plants, seeds, tulle, wood, mirrors exhibition_  Ronnebaeksholm 1,  Naestved, Denmark description_   The transparent structure echoes botanical glasshouses and scientific laboratories. In boxes, we see plants in small flasks and Petri dishes, between glass sheets and alongside other objects like 3D prints and plastic […]

title_ IGA Berlin date_ 2017 medium_ steel, mesh, plastic tubes, acrylic, 3d print, acetate, herbal plants exhibition_ Views of a Landscape, IGA Berlin  2017 location_ Berlin, Germany description_ An experiential contemporary medicinal garden that immerses one into the historical, spiritual and mythological relationship with psychotropic plants. An invitation to understand the being of medicinal plants in a time when […]

title_ Novartis : Medicinal Maze Inveiling Glass date_ 2016 medium_ 5 x 7 x 2.7m printed glass panels, medicinal plants location_ Novartis Campus: Sculpture and Medicinal Garden, Sydney, NSW description_ This glass garden for the Novartis Campus is based on notions of historical medicinal and physic gardens, using varying transparencies, translucency and opacity, the material and the […]

title_ Wingbeats (from the Verdant series) year_ 2003 architecture_ Kröller Müller Museum, Hoge Veluwe National Park, Netherlands exhibition_ Sherman Galleries, Sydney, NSW, Australia medium_ Duraclear, acrylic, aluminium, oil, pigments size_ 120 x 156 x 7.5cm

title_ Deep Breathing Resuscitation for the Reef (Australian Museum) date_ 2016 medium_ Various wet specimens, corals, pigment, acrylic boxes, laboratory glass exhibition_ Australian Museum, Sydney NSW, Australia description_ Deep Breathing Resuscitation for the Reef is an installation that explores the effects of climate change affecting the Great Barrier Reef. The work was first exhibited in […]

title_ H2O: Water Bar date_ 2016 medium_ Various rain and spring waters, scientific glass vessels, acrylic mirror, printed panel exhibition_ Paddington Reservoir Gardens, Sydney NSW, Australia description_ H2O: Water Bar is a reflective, glassy glistening installation by Janet Laurence that allows you to sample a variety of water sourced from diverse regions of Australia. Outfitted […]

title_ Naturestruck year_ 2016 medium_ Mixed media installation: duraclear, oil glaze, acrylic, dye sublimation prints, polished stainless steel mirror exhibition_ Dominik Mersch Gallery, Sydney, NSW, Australia description_ ‘Naturestruck’ simultaneously explores environmental fragilities through a gathering of works from Laurence’s studio. These works explore the creation of botanical environments, both medicinal and historical.

title_ Deep Breathing-Resuscitation for the Reef year_ 2015 exhibition_ Muséum natinoal d’Histoire naturelle, Grande Galerie del’Évolution, Jardin des Plantes, Paris and the Palais de la Porte Doree, Aquarium Tropical, Paris description_ site specific installation, various materials, images and film projections, along with specimens drawn from the collections of the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle (MNHN) and […]

title_ Waiting – A Medicinal Garden for Ailing Plants date_ 2010 exhibition_ Sydney Biennale 2010 description_ The work is a transparent mesh structure echoing both a botanical glasshouse and a museological scientific vitrine filled with plants (representing larger threatened environments) interconnected by scientific glass vessels. The medicinal cabinet/garden encloses various fluids and solids, creating a […]

title_ Bundanon year_ 2014-2016 exhibited_ Arthur Boyd Estate, NSW text_ The Treelines Track A treeline that that weaves a connection between the old and the new concept of landscape. A linear passage of trees forming a walking track that connects the natural bushland to the farmland and homestead garden to the new environmental regenerated zone. […]

Title_ Fugitive Year_ 2013 Exhibition_ Animate/Inanimate, TarraWarra Museum of Art Description_ site specific installation, photograph on acrylic, mirror, laboratory and hand blown glass, oil glaze, video projection, various animal specimens Download Artist Statement

Presenting a new commission for Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation (SCAF), Janet Laurence’s work explores the poetics of space through the creation of works that deal with our experiential and cultural relationship with the natural world.  Her work echoes architecture while retaining organic qualities and a sense of instability and transience. It occupies the liminal zones […]

title_ Resuscitation Garden (For an Ailing Plant). date_ 2011 materials_ Mesh, laboratory glass, acrylic, mirror, several plant species, seeds, water, medicinal tubing, salts, minerals, various fluids, organza wrapped botanic specimens, rice flour, plywood floor location_ Hong Kong Art Fair Artist Project Courtesy of Cat Street Gallery. description_ The Resuscitation Garden is a Medicinal Garden that […]

title_ Tarkine (For a World in Need of Wilderness) date_ 2011 materials_ Duraclear, acrylic, mirror, stainless steel wire location_ Macquarie Bank Foyer, London. description_ In the central area of the new large foyer of Macquarie Bank is a floating  verdant  wilderness, this new artwork is in stark contrast to the built up urban context of […]

title_ Possibilities for a Garden date_ 2010 exhibited_ Breenspace description_ Over twenty-five years Janet Laurence has ranged across painting, sculpture, photography, and installation, working with pigments and ash, taxidermied birds and trees, scientific instruments and all manner of glass. Her work incorporating botanical elements has served a variety of purposes. The salvaged timbers in “Edge […]

Vimeo Link An installation  with moving image and sound  in a darkened space into which  one is  immersed. A double projection video  work screened between a series of transparent  tulle veils directly on the wall, 3000mm height  from floor. On the wall behind are 2 convex mirrors also veiled in black tulle. The mirrors reflect […]

title_ Edge of the Trees date_ 1995 materials_ sandstone, wood, steel, oxides, shells, honey, bones, zinc, glass, sound, 29 pillars location_ Museum of Sydney on the site of first Government House, Sydney Australia collaboration_ Fiona Foley text_ A sculptural Installation curated by Peter Emmett Both an exhibit of the museum and a public sculpture, on […]

title_ Veiling Space: Incarnations date_ 2001 materials_ hanging voile, glass, sulphur, laboratory glass location_ Uniting Church, Paddington, Sydney, Australia curated_ by Rod Pattenden photos_ Peter Solness text_ Ah, not to be cut off not through the slightest partition shut out from the law of the stars The inner – what is it? if not intensified […]

title_ In Stance Of Memory (Garden of the Jewish Museum, Berlin) date_ 2005 materials_ Duraclear on shinkolite, oxides and ash in oil rusted steel exhibited_ Art Gallery of New South Wales photos_ Diana Panuccio text_ The Garden is already a layered space – its aesthetic and natural qualities often veil its symbolic meanings or reveal […]

title_ Forensic date_ 1991 materials_ lead, ash, wood, photograph, straw, laboratory glass, Perspex, fluorescent lights and X-rays size_ 600 x 700 cm exhibited_ Wharf 2, Sydney, 1991 collection_ Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

title_ Water Veil date_ 2006 location_ Council House 2 (CH2)Building, Melbourne, Australia client_ Melbourne City Council text_ A diaphanous, experiential and reflective glass veil that transforms the window between the foyer and the public space of the street into a membranous fluid space, a space of seemingly non-fixity within the urban context. The work expresses […]

title_ Second Exposure (from the Periodic Table series) date_ 1992-93 materials_ lead, glass, salt, sulphur, mercury, X-ray, various substances, lily, fluorescent lights, room size 5 x 5 m room size_ 5 x 5 m exhibited_ “The Boundary Rider: 9th Biennale of Sydney”, Bond Stores, Sydney Australia photos_ Tim Marshall

title_ Measure of Light (from the Periodic Table series) date_ 1993 materials_ salt, fluorescent light, stainless steel, lead, aluminium, laboratory glass, wax, various minerals and X-rays size_ room size 14 x 14 m exhibited_ Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane photos_ Richard Stringer

title_ In The Shadow date_ 2000 materials_ fog, casuarina forest, bulrushes, resin, wands with stainless steel bases (height 2–9 m), text (numbers indicate water chemistry monitoring) exhibited_ installed along a creek crossed by three bridges, Olympic Park, Homebush Bay, Sydney Australia text_ In the shadow is an environmental art work which creates an atmospheric zone […]

title_ Elixir date_ 2005 materials_ wooden traditional house, glass panel screenprinted with poured paint and plant and fluids, blown-glass vials, plant extracts steeped in shochu, laboratory glass exhibited_ permanent installation for Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial, Japan photos_ Shigeo Anzai and Janet Laurence sponsor_ Asahi Glass Corporation and Asahi Beer Co text_ A botanical, glassy environment within […]