title_ Bundanon

year_ 2014-2016

exhibited_ Arthur Boyd Estate, NSW

text_ The Treelines Track

A treeline that that weaves a connection between the old and the new concept of landscape. A linear passage of trees forming a walking track that connects the natural bushland to the farmland and homestead garden to the new environmental regenerated zone.

Like a linear arboretum that celebrates trees, the work evokes and tells stories of the landscape revealing the different ways trees exist between the natural, the settler culture, and the contemporary environmental approach.

This whole passage is to be planted with over 20 species of trees all of which have had a botanical history of growing at Bundanon.

Stones placed with trees along the track create stopping points. They are scripted with varying texts, fragments of poems and prose written there or about that landscape. They offer a depth into knowledge and imagining and dreams about that land its botanical stories, bringing a focus into the long lives of trees.

Janet Laurence