title_ Entangled Garden for Plant Memory

year_ 2020

exhibition_ Entangled Garden for Plant Memory

location_Yu-Hsiu Museum of Art in Taiwan

materials_natural history specimens (including trees, birds, minerals, seeds and both living and dried plants), hanging duraclear, mirror, acrylic vitrine, video

description_Janet Laurence and the Yu-Hsiu Museum have collaborated with the National Taiwan University’s museums of zoology, geo-specimens & the herbarium, as well as the Taiwanese Council for Agriculture & the Endemic Species Research Institute. Using these collections of natural specimens, Janet’s work foregrounds the beauty of Taiwan’s forest & mountain ecology whilst also deconstructing their systems of classification in order to reinterpret the history and meaning of the collections.

“This exhibition intends to guide the audience into the ecological animism, animated world woven with responsiveness, attentiveness and communication. Laurence hopes to engage different forms of life, and to explore, restore and nurture the relationship between human beings and all that is non-human. Plants in this exhibition symbolise nature as well as the planet’s environment. Like guardians of Earth, they have witnessed its environmental vicissitudes, the life of countless species, and naturally, human being’s actions of plundering and repaying.” (words by Wan-Chen Chang)