title_ H2O: Water Bar

date_ 2016

medium_ Various rain and spring waters, scientific glass vessels, acrylic mirror, printed panel

exhibition_ Paddington Reservoir Gardens, Sydney NSW, Australia

description_ H2O: Water Bar is a reflective, glassy glistening installation by Janet Laurence that allows you to sample a variety of water sourced from diverse regions of Australia. Outfitted like an apothecary or laboratory, H2O: WaterBar is set amongst the heritage industrial space of the Paddington Reservoir Gardens’ inner chamber, opened to the public especially for this installation. Australia’s identity is forever tied to our relationship with water, from the waterholes used as weapons during the colonial era, to the long droughts that affect our regional communities, and the environmental threats to the future of Australia’s ground water. By inviting you to experience the qualities of different Australian waters, H2O: Water Bar helps us to better understand the complexity and fragility of this vital resource.

images_ Photography by Nikki To, City of Sydney