title_ In Stance Of Memory (Garden of the Jewish Museum, Berlin)

date_ 2005

materials_ Duraclear on shinkolite, oxides and ash in oil rusted steel

exhibited_ Art Gallery of New South Wales

photos_ Diana Panuccio

text_ The Garden is already a layered space – its aesthetic and natural qualities often veil its symbolic meanings or reveal them as reflective spaces. I consistently returned to the garden as an immersive and symbolic space for my concerns combining the exploration of memory and the memorial.

Spaces of reflection, that also engage perceptually and sensually; spaces that enable a passage, both metaphorically and within time. Spaces that are constructed and natural, that grow and die and bloom again creating a sense of dissolve and collapse. As a space of transformation in the way memory shifts and recreates itself and persists. Its past is always in the present.

This work THE in STANCE OF MEMORY takes the Garden of the Jewish Museum – the Hoffmanngarten – and juxtaposes materiality and illusion. Photographic images emerge and disperse and bleed away. In red glazed pours over stainless and rusted steel I’m attempting to explore the shift between the reflective perceptual space into a space of memory and a psychological reflection, a play between movement and stasis.

The architectural structures of the 49 columns of this seemingly solid space become fluid and transparent; the leaf laden pathways disappear into darkness; the whole space becomes fugitive.

Janet Laurence