title_ Moving Plants

date_ 2017

medium_ acrylic, scientific glass, plastic tubes, 3d prints, duraclear, dried plants, seeds, tulle, wood, mirrors

exhibition_  Ronnebaeksholm 1,  Naestved, Denmark

description_   The transparent structure echoes botanical glasshouses and

scientific laboratories. In boxes, we see plants in small flasks and Petri dishes, between glass sheets and alongside other objects like 3D prints and plastic tubes. In these settings, Laurence twists and doubles our perceptions of nature as a category that is both obscured and shaped by the scientific eye. Through laboratories, we get to know plants in a new way. They are not just pretty or nutritious, they photosynthesise and provide us with clean air. When plants breathe, we breathe, and when we pave over, disrupt or simply ignore this, we slowly create an environment that is inhospitable for all species.

images_ Photography by David Stjernholm, Ronnebaeksholm