title_ Novartis : Medicinal Maze Inveiling Glass

date_ 2016

medium_ 5 x 7 x 2.7m printed glass panels, medicinal plants

location_ Novartis Campus: Sculpture and Medicinal Garden, Sydney, NSW

description_ This glass garden for the Novartis Campus is based on notions of historical medicinal and physic gardens, using varying transparencies, translucency and opacity, the material and the immaterial, to encapsulate images of the medicinal plant and scientific world. Laid out in a formal grid-like pattern, the garden forms a maze like structure articulated by a series of glass panels.

Veils as ‘spilt’ green glazes have been poured onto the glass with the gesture of sowing seeds, their presence suggesting the essential oils and liquids we extract from plants. In varying degrees of transparency these fluid panels are overlaid and interspersed with white drawings from early botanical illustrations of medicinal herbs and plants, as well as their micro cellular scientific forms.
The panels, like large scale vertical microscope slides enable us to inspect at close range both liquids and solids, diagrams and history as the human wonder of medicinal science is encapsulated within the
layers of glass.
Offering a different aspect on every side, the maze sits continually within the present reflecting the light world around it, whilst offering glimpses and paths through it, from one side to the other. The unfolding maze invites one inside, offering a new experience at its core. It creates a removed space in a contemporary setting for one to be immersed within, inveiling one into a garden of medicinal herbal
planting within a contemporary architectural context of the Novartis Campus.