title_ Resuscitation Garden (For an Ailing Plant).

date_ 2011

materials_ Mesh, laboratory glass, acrylic, mirror, several plant species, seeds, water, medicinal tubing, salts, minerals, various fluids, organza wrapped botanic specimens, rice flour, plywood floor

location_ Hong Kong Art Fair Artist Project Courtesy of Cat Street Gallery.

description_ The Resuscitation Garden is a Medicinal Garden that  plays between the clinical and the romantic. It creates a space of interconnection and care suggesting a hospital or intensive care unit for plants. A transparent mesh structure echoing a botanical glasshouse and a museological scientific vitrine, filled with both medicinal plants for their healing as well as  ailing and dead plants (representing our threatened planet). All are inter connected to medicinal equipment and laboratory scientific vessels, various fluids and solids, creating a space of revival and resuscitation.The work amplifies and imagines the invisible processes and psychological state of plants as indicators of the well being of our planet. We are confronted with their being and plight in which we are so interconnected and dependent.

The work clearly addresses environmental sustainability, fragility and the need for awareness and healing. Collapsing science into a poetical and play that poses the possibility of art as a healing medium. At the same time within this crowded context a tiny sanctuary invites entry wonder and participation.

Hong Kong Art Fair Artist Project Courtesy Cat Street Gallery. This work is consistent with previous botanical  installations including: ELIXIR in Nigata Japan permanent project for Echigo Tsumari Triennale; 2003 CELLULAR GARDENS collection MCA Sydney; 2007 WAITING РA medicinal Garden for Ailing Plants for 17th Biennale of Sydney; and 2010 MEMORY OF NATURE Breenspace Sydney.