title_ In The Shadow

date_ 2000

materials_ fog, casuarina forest, bulrushes, resin, wands with stainless steel bases (height 2–9 m), text (numbers indicate water chemistry monitoring)

exhibited_ installed along a creek crossed by three bridges, Olympic Park, Homebush Bay, Sydney Australia

text_ In the shadow is an environmental art work which creates an atmospheric zone through which one passes over bridges.

The work is made of a series of vertical transparent wands echoing scientific measuring instruments standing at various heights within a creek . Twenty one “wands” symbolise and represent measurement of the various elements and water qualities monitored regularly.

At varying intervals, water blurps and aerates randomly – whilst sequenced along the 100 metres length of the work, atmospheric vaporous fog moves, rises and dissipates transforming and cooling the creek environment.

The edges of the creek are lined with bull rushes and the banks form a Casuarina forest on either side, framing the work while creating a soft organic green, ribbon-like space between the highly constructed environments of the tennis centre and main boulevard of the Sydney Olympic site.

The work aims to reveal the transforming chemistry of water remediation by creating a poetic alchemical zone as a metaphor for the actual transformation of Homebush Bay from its degraded contaminated industrial past into a green and living site for the future.

Janet Laurence